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Podcast Host, Tech Founder, and Investor

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If you would like to request an interview with Casey for a podcast, article, video, or for your event, please get in touch.

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Casey's Story

Casey Adams, a Virginia native now residing in Southern California, is more than just a renowned entrepreneur and tech innovator. He's a devoted family man, valuing the close bonds with his parents, two older brothers, and loving partner, Jacqlyn Burnett. Embodying a well-rounded lifestyle, Casey marries his professional pursuits with personal interests. He successfully completed the Honolulu marathon in 2022, exemplifying his commitment to an active lifestyle. Amidst his professional ventures, Casey also savors the simple pleasures of life, like exploring local coffee shops. His journey serves as a reminder that while professional achievements are important, personal fulfillment and well-being also play a crucial role in defining success.

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