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Who is Casey Adams?

Casey Adams is a 21 year old entrepreneur and co-founder of MediaKits, a SaaS platform that allows creators to easily share their creator analytics. At the age of 17, Casey started his podcast, The Casey Adams Show, which has quickly become a top 100 business podcast. Over the years Casey has interviewed over 300+ world class individuals including the late Larry King, Rick Ross, Maye Musk, Robert Greene, David Sacks, and many more notable individuals.

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Over the past three years Casey has been focused on building a world class personal brand, and it's allowed him to sit down and interview hundreds of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and more. The Rise of The Young Podcast started in 2017, and it has allowed Casey to share his story and experiences with you.

On the Rise of The Young podcast you’ll find interviews & stories with some of the most innovative entrepreneurs, authors, influencers, and CEO’s of this era. Casey’s insight into youth culture will help you better understand what is happening in the eyes of his generation. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

The Casey Adams Show

Casey Adams is the host of Rise of The Young. He's been interviewing world class entrepreneurs & individuals for the past two years, and has done over 150+ interviews. Casey started his podcast interviewing his friends on Skype from his bedroom in Virginia, to interviewing legends such as Larry King. Tune into Rise of The Young and listen to stories from some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs in the world. 

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